Resisting “Big Government”


First of all, I don’t think my lawn was so bad. Some people go for the natural look.

Second, I’ve been to jail. I’m not going to be intimidated by the threat of going back to the big house.


But what can I say? I’m a perfectionist. This should buy me a few weeks.



My Resume

Why I’m not looking for work….


  • Unorganized
  • Frequently late
  • Inattentive to detail
  • Does not work well with others
  • Fails to anticipate common problems
  • Bad with money
  • Struggles to stay on task
  • Loses important papers
  • Does not know when to keep mouth shut
  • Immature for age
  • Frequently misses mandatory deadlines
  • Uses inappropriate language
  • Overestimates ability and intelligence
  • Fails to maintain an orderly workspace


  • Good at social media